Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 8?

Hooray, SkyDrive now supports online surveys!

Help me test the new feature by taking this one-question survey:

Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 8?

Update: Survey now closed. Here are the results (574 responses):

Responses Count
I already have!


Yes, as soon as possible


Yes, but I’ll wait a while


No way


Haven’t decided


Get a Mac


Grand Total


Obviously, my followers don’t represent the market as a whole. Still, interesting to see.

I’ll follow up with a how-to on the online surveys after I try a few more experiments.

12 thoughts on “Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 8?

  1. I was planning to upgrade to Windows 8 until I checked my computer maker’s web site. My PC won’t be three years old until 2013 but there’s no manufacturer support for Windows 8. If fact they say my PC may become unstable if I upgrade.

  2. I was going to, but decided my 7 year old Dell was just not worth it, even at $40. My main reason is because it’s a 32-bit clunker with small dual monitors that are even older than the computer. I’m going to download the upgrade, though. I have a Surface RT (as does my husband) and will get a touch-screen all-in-one desktop as an Xmas present for us both.

    Love my Surface RT. Perfect for doing personal/social stuff at work without involving company equipment. Also use it as my personal cook book (I have 2,000+ recipes in One Note) in the kitchen, for my Kindle books, and for web surfing at the dinner table (hey, spousal unit is doing it too!).

  3. Upgraded 5 year old Dell XPS 410 and works great. Takes some getting accustomed to the new interface but a 72 year old non techie can do it easily.

  4. I’m seriously trying hard not to update Windows on any exsisting PC. This is not my norm, so it’s hard. I am however buying new hardware with Windows 8. I do have a Surface RT and plan to get the Pro.

  5. Ed,

    Taking the survey was great use of the SkyDrive services, I also find it interesting that you chose to share so many of your personal pictures via the SkyDrive link after the survey with the public, too.


  6. As a “normal”, my computer dies with the same operating system that it was born with. I’m not about to mess with a computer that Just Works.

    When my current computer dies, I will replace it with a touch-screen model that has Windows 8 (or Windows 9) preinstalled.

  7. I made the jump from PC to Mac in May of this year, after suffering two PC failures in the space of just over a year. Thankfully, I have a retail copy of Windows 7 handy, and have installed that into Parallels Desktop on the iMac so I can run a few Windows applications that don’t have direct Mac equivalents.

    At the moment I’m ambivalent towards Windows 8 – at the moment, I don’t have any great need for it. I’m a bit more interested in Windows RT and the Surface devices, although I will probably wait to see how the app ecosystem shapes up. At the moment I have an original iPad, which I’ve been very happy with but is starting to feel sluggish now. Currently debating whether to get an iPad Mini or iPad 3. The Surface might be a contender, but I already have all the apps I need on the iPad, so at the moment it not on my shopping list.

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