It’s getting ugly at the W3C

It’s getting ugly at the group that is trying to define a Do Not Track standard.

You know things have taken a sharp turn for the worse when a representative of the W3C (the international web standards-setting group) has to jump in and remind participants about the possibility of “disciplinary actions if they don’t maintain a “professional work environment

Colleagues, as I mentioned on last week’s call, we had a number of complaints about behavior among participants within the group. W3C staff had one-on-one conversations with each of the people involved in these complaints, going through the specific behaviors that had been the subject of the complaints.

It appears that we have been able to resolve this round without having to invoke tougher consequences — and despite requests to remove certain individuals [yes, that’s plural] from the group.

For the record, I noticed that the group had crossed into crazy territory a month ago, and things have gotten profoundly worse since then. Probably the low point was when one member described a proposal from another member as calling for “a colonoscopy.”

I think this entire effort is doomed.

5 thoughts on “It’s getting ugly at the W3C

  1. We need a good article about Tracking Protection Lists, and then we can forget about this silly voluntary standard forever.

  2. I ran Do Not Track Plus on my W7 machine prior to upgrading to W8. DNTP does not support IE10 and I almost wish I would have waited to upgrade to W8. I have it set to send the DNT header. It’s a constant reminder that I’m being watched as I browse and I hate it.

    Anyone know of a good tool that works with IE10?

    1. I’ll have a post on this next week, Aaron, but the short version for IE10 is to use a Tracking Protection List. If you use DNT+, then use the Abine Tracking Protection List, which gives you similar results.

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