8 thoughts on “Still on holiday

  1. I love the panoramic feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard anything like it in Picasa or iPhoto.

    Big announcements from Apple yesterday about iPhoto and iLife. Also Picasa on a Mac. But I just can’t seem to settle on one photo manager solution. It seems like there are benefits to all of them. Will there ever be one program you can use or do you think we’ll be flip flopping between programs as they one up each other?

  2. Nice!!

    Very jealous. We were down the road at the Hyatt last December and loved Kauai. Decided to redo the kitchen this winter instead of a vacation. Loved the road to Poipu where the trees create a tunnel effect.


  3. Any chance you could post these piuctures in a larger size, they would make excellent dual screen wallpapers

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