Glad I skipped CES

Good lord, that was the worst CES keynote ever. I watched it over the Internet from a hotel room in Hawaii and finally gave up about two-thirds of the way through.

To help wash out the bad taste, here’s tonight’s sunset panorama, again courtesy of Windows Live Photo Gallery:

Kauai Sunset 2009-01-07

Also, feel free to head over to ZDNet and check out my new post, Six Vista annoyances fixed in Windows 7.

5 thoughts on “Glad I skipped CES

  1. With only the view of my living room, I watched a bit more than you did and agree, It was quite boring. With all of the sales figures, it sounded like a speech meant for shareholders.

  2. @Tom

    No Ballmer needs to be unleashed. Him ranting, raving & jumping around on the stage is quality entertainment!

  3. Ballmer should have ripped off his sweater to show a super hero shirt with the Win7 Logo on it. That would have been awesome!

    However if he is going to do a more ‘normal’ presentation he needs to not lick his lips… that pointed tongue is quite creepy!

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