On holiday

For the next two weeks, I’ve deliberately gone as far as I can from CES. I’m currently staring at a swaying palm tree and sipping a drink with a little paper umbrella in it. Life is good.

I’ll still be checking in here from time to time, if only to approve comments stuck in the moderation queue.

Have fun, everyone, especially those of you going to CES.

4 thoughts on “On holiday

  1. Have a great trip, Ed. See you in a couple of weeks…….
    Oh and make sure that you get the little umbrella in your drinks to complement that palm tree you’re looking at.

  2. I see that you already have your paper umbrella…..helps to remember what you read…..(slaps forehead)

  3. I hope it’s a great vacation. You deserve it after all the comments you have to slog through at ZDNet.

    My husband and I recently had a marvelous beach vacation. I started and finished (!) a new book by my favorite author while sitting in a low beach chair with my feet in the surf and a cold drink in an insulated mug by my side. We also walked on the beach at night under a near-full moon. It was wonderful.

    We’re currently discussing doing NYC during spring break with three teenagers. It won’t be the same.

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