Win a custom-built Windows Home Server

Donavon West is building a custom Windows Home Server box and giving it away to one lucky person:

Just in case some of you didn’t get the memo, I wanted you all to have the opportunity to enter the win a free VIA Pico Home Server contest that I am conducting. Just go to my blog, Home Server Hacks, read my article Pico Home Server: the World’s smallest Windows Home Server, make a comment on what you would do with it and you will automatically be entered to win!
There are cool second and third place prizes as well, like a Windows Home Server branded backpack and copies of the WHS system builders DVD.

Donavon is a Windows Home Server MVP and a great source of information on all things WHS. Go enter!

[Back from the beach, link fixed.]

3 thoughts on “Win a custom-built Windows Home Server

  1. Thank you for the post, though I got into it too late really. I am thinking of building my own home server/media center, and someone had mentioned that you’d gotten dual ATI TV Wonders working on your own center somehow. I was wondering if this was possible/if there’s a way for the newly-energized hobbyist to build their own and get a couple of HD tuners working!?

    Please and thank you! And welcome back!

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