Best smackdown of the year (so far)

Charles Arthur tees up on a Wired article by Kevin Kelly and demolishes it: No, Mr Kelly, I’m afraid the internet is not as clever as a single (human) brain.

Charles’ writing is brilliantly caustic. Samples:

Run up and down a flight of stairs (to get the required level of breathlessness), and then read the following…


Honestly: it’s hard to know quite what Kelly is trying to do here, unless it’s to make everyone point to him – but is it helpful to have people pointing at you saying "that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard?"

and bonus points for the commenters, who join the scrum with glee:

The numbers are, I suppose, wowifying on their own, for the easily impressed, but to turn them into an argument for ‘We are headed toward a singular destiny: one vast computer composed of billions of chips and billions of brains, enveloping the planet in a single sphere of intelligence’ seems to me like finding it amazing that if you laid 36,000 Statues of Liberty on their end it would reach the moon and deciding on that basis that sculptors are actually working on a space programme.

2 thoughts on “Best smackdown of the year (so far)

  1. You know what’s weird? Weird is leaving a comment on one of your regular blogs, going to one of your other regular lurks a little later and seeing it staring back at you. I guess that’s the single sphere of intelligence suffering a dose of deja vu.

  2. oh, god, the article you are scamming from is at least as weird as kelly’s if not more .. the guy believes consciousness comes from meat!

    and the singular destiny of chris clarke’s comment, if that is the correct attribution, is nothing more than what already exists under the name of consciousness

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