Buh-bye, XP

Today’s the last day you can buy Windows XP preinstalled on new PCs from Microsoft’s largest OEM customers (the so-called royalty OEMs).

To mark the occasion, I did an interview with Larry Magid of CBS News. You’ll hear sound bits on the radio, or listen to the whole thing (roughly 6 minutes) here:


Larry’s an awesome interviewer and a skilled audio editor, and I was impressed with how crisp the interview turned out. Take a listen and leave some feedback in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Buh-bye, XP

  1. you say bye bye like its a good thing.

    r.i.p greatest o/s microsoft ever released.

    Will microsoft be compensating for everyone who foolishly bought the vista upgrade since windows 7 is projected to be released next year?

    microsoft still hasn’t learned their lesson from vista apparently, i read a rumor that all windows 7 pc’s will be touch screens only in an effort to make the mouse an obsolete peripheral, which means consumers will again have to upgrade their computers or buy completely new ones to use the next windows…. Take a cue from Apple, make your OS for the LCD system specs available. (And this is coming from someone who refuses to buy a Mac, but this isn’t helping)

  2. Don’t believe every rumor you hear. Touch screen support will be an option in Windows 7, just as Tablet support is an option in every premium version of Windows Vista today. Sheesh.

  3. Still, its way too soon. Just in case, when i said LCD, i mean lowest common denominator, not Liquid Crystal Display in case it was construed that way. Lest anyone think i was on the crack pipe when i wrote that comment.

    Releasing Windows 7 so soon is like Apple dropping the price of iphone to $200.

    Its a big ‘screw you’ to early adopters, or in this case, adopters of Vista PERIOD.

    I’m rooting for Microsoft but they are making it rather difficult.

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