Hear me talk about SP1

Ian Dixon is one of my favorite interviewers, and he just posted the edited version of our live conversation from a couple of weeks ago. Even with the editing, it’s well over an hour long, but if you’re interested in what I write here I think you’ll find it thought-provoking.

Show notes and download link.

4 thoughts on “Hear me talk about SP1

  1. This may sound a bit harsh…..

    Brits are difficult to understand anyway, but the host was nearly unintelligible. Very sloppy speech habits.

    And Ed, please….stop the, “um…you know” “the um….” “uh…..”

    One of my teachers used to tell us, “Our success or failure will always be in direct proportion to how well we express ourselves verbally.”

  2. I enjoyed the podcast a lot. Very interesting comments on Vista SP1. I had been testing the beta with no issues over the last month or so. I just upgraded to the released version and so far everything is just fine on my HP Pavilion desktop.

    I do have a question.

    I thought all of the old patches and security fixes that have been pushed via Windows Update since the release of the RTM version were rolled up into SP1. I notice that they are still on my list of Installed Updates even after completion of the SP1 installation.

    Can you explain? Can I remove them?

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