Vista SP1 now available for everyone

Earlier today, Microsoft made Windows Vista Service Pack 1 available for the general public. Don’t bother with the 400MB+ download; the best way to get it is through Windows Update. I’ve got details over at ZDNet:

Want Vista SP1? Here’s what to expect

If you’re curious about what’s in SP1, see my Vista SP1 FAQ and More Vista SP1 answers.

8 thoughts on “Vista SP1 now available for everyone

  1. Hi, I read few articles of yours and I admit, sometimes the manner of application2user in ms apps, espec. windows is stunningly uncomplicated, its even compact after leering knowledge from your experience – as you outlet many features and fractions in time… well I think I m gonna study some of yours hardcopies as its really neat here at the site. So…I’m not only writting to make worship the challenge, make the traffic collide or wat so ever, I really need some help. Prefetch data, source metadata and surface data espec. resambling memory and/or stack is a blank point – an undisclosed issue yet, for me. I face some data loss trouble – in a sample – I lost a text string (from my database) when moving it on into clipboard space (simply ctrl+C) and pasting it to (temporareily) to the RUN command window in Start Menu. It sound a bit funny, I was just introducing this functionality to my children and… I lost tha string. Can’t Undo this step in database app, can’t restore in the RUN sequence (as it had about 1350 words) and even the clipboard trashed and crashed somehow. Now you imagine the quest – Is there any way any method any step a vision to do this wordstring back (i thought of prefetch decryption of explorer memory holding but i dont know what tools and what fragments to deal with).
    Blessings for any kind of hint or redirection to somebody involved at subject thou can i not disbelieve to the marooned scenario, had i not write an exact or even close encounter again (as its historical). Unspeakable grace and respect to MS specialists like you, Sir. Thank You

  2. Is it ok to not activate Windows Vista and install the Vista SP1 standalone installer then activate it.

  3. TJ, I installed SP1 on an unactivated copy of Vista, with no problems.

    Perry, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any magic assistance to offer you that will bring that lost data back.

  4. ED, I have the problematic driver “Realtek AC’97 audio” and Windows Update already have the new realtek AC’97 audio driver update available. when i install Windows Vista do i need to install the problematic driver by going to Windows Update first then install Vista SP1 standalone or can i just install the Vista SP1 standalone installer without installing the realtek AC’97 driver. Can Vista user order a Windows Vista with integrated SP1 from Microsoft?

  5. “Vista SP1 now available for everyone”

    Not for me.

    Greatings from Holland, Europe

  6. After installing SP1 on a non-activated copy of Vista Ultimate, I was surprised to see that instead of having 14 days remaning in my third activation, I now had 30 days remaining.

    I’m working with this configuration to see just what I can do prior to activation — a journalist’s curiosity.

    Query — I wonder if this configuration’s activation series has also been reverted to No.1 from No.3? Is there a way of finding out, rather than waiting it out?

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