Get Vista Service Pack 1 on DVD for $5

I’ve heard some complaints from people with dial-up connections that the SP1 download takes too long. Well, is selling the SP1 DVD (x86 and x64 versions) for $5, with free shipping.

Good deal, and they will ship faster than Microsoft would if they were to do fulfillment.

Update: Looks like the product has been pulled. Too good to be true? Violation of some license agreement? Newegg doesn’t want to handle the gazillion requests? Who knows?

9 thoughts on “Get Vista Service Pack 1 on DVD for $5

  1. Is there a place to purchase or download Vista with SP1 (not including MSDN) for people who’ve purchased Vista before SP1?

  2. Brent, no, MS has never done that. You can get updated media from TechNet or MSDN, or check with your OEM. who might supply updated media for a fee (but I doubt any will do that).

  3. From the beginning I decided to wait for my windows update to do the job. I have two computers. Although there weren’t any update problems with my laptop the fact is I still haven’t received the Sp1on my desktop computer. Why is my vista not willing to update itself? has it anything to do with the fact the Ip adress? I have the French edition but I couldn’t find any information in any language whatsoever.
    Hey Ed, love your blog!! You got a steady reader from France

  4. Can that SP1 DVD be use in retail upgrade or retail copy of Windows Vista? the specification describe package as OEM

  5. Ok just check Windows Update today and this update is available (Group Policy Preference Client Side Extension for Windows Vista KB943729) Optional. What should i do with this update? should i install it anyway. need a second opinion on this one

  6. If I remember right, there were previous ISO CD [maybe now DVD] images for service packs available to download via the regular download site… But not yet.

  7. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I clicked on the newegg ling, it said the product has been discontinued. I tried doing a search for the SP1, but was unsuccessful

  8. guys… I just came here to look for something and found people have a lot of issues. I cannot answer all of you but what I am here to say will answer most of you.

    SP1 …Windows Update.. True sp1 comes with the windows Update automatically. It depends on the kind of computer you have and also depends on the configuration so people with two computers one laptop and a Desktop may find that one of them the SP1 is available but the other is not happening or Update did not provide the SP1 dont worry GUYS.. ur computer will start getting it once Microsoft Makes the Update which would go with the Hardware you have. Also SP1 has nothing to do with Great Performance, but it is a software designed to have most of the drivers that were not included in VISTA, SP1 is a result of customer feedback to microsoft and therefore all the glitches that were there in Vista is taken care of by the SP1. Please note SP1 May not install in certain computer after or there might be siome peculiar issues of the system not starting normally or SOMETIMES NO BOOT ALTOGATHER.
    advice UNINSTALL THE SECURITY SOFTWARE YOU MAY HAVE BEFORE STARTING THE UPDATE Also there are pre requirements of some necessary update before the actual sp1 update takes place.***

    remeber to take a system backup before you proceed on with the SP1// it is always said prevention is better than cure

    Finally people people people,,,,,,,, still unhappy did not get the UPDATE and want it….. fine who am i to stop it…
    visit the following link and you can download the standalone installed from this link, make sure that you know which version of vista you have , is it 32 bit or 64 bit because the 32 bit sp1 will not work on the 64 bit vista and vice versa…. again once you download its great but remember the antivirus spy sweeper and everything to turn of and once the installation is done turn them back on

    also you can go to this link to get further knowledge before you install the actual service Pack 1.


    but ADVISABLE IS TO WAIT FOR WINDOWS UPDATE to offer you the SP1 , this make sure that your computer is good to go.

    IN CASE YOU ARE A PERSON WHO HAS WARRANTY OR WHO LIKE PEOPLE TO WORK FOR THEM,You can get the best help from Microsoft, call them, at the number 1-800-936-5700 and you will reach the Friendly technical support to help you, sometimes it is chargeable

    Friends it is 4:30 AM in india now.. and I am working in the Night Shift.. Good night I have to work till Day break

    In case if you have any issue just send me email… make sure that you will get reply may be soon or a bit late but you will get it as soon as I find it. Well if you guys get any issue with SP1 and You resolve it please send it across on my ID. I will appreciate that.

    Raja Dutta

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