And now for ATI’s Vista drivers

One day after Nvidia released its certified Vista drivers, ATI releases a refresh of its display drivers for Windows Vista:

Catalyst® 7.2 Display Driver for Windows Vista (32 bit)

Catalyst® 7.2 Display Driver for Windows Vista (64 bit)

Be sure to read the Release Notes before installing these drivers.

[Update: Fixed release notes link.]

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5 thoughts on “And now for ATI’s Vista drivers

  1. Thank you Ed!

    These drivers solved my issue of jittery, jumpy graphics with my cheap Radeon X300 card and Vista. I’m not a gamer, and when I bought this Dimension 9100 a year ago Dell said it was a 128mb card…. Turns out it only has 32 mb on board and the rest is shared. Thank you Dell! Worked fine in XP but only gets a 2.0 rating in Vista.
    Anyway, I will more than likely upgrade the card, but this will give me some time and I don’t have to look at a jumpy flashy screen in the meantime…. the new drivers resolved this issue.

  2. Check this out — from one of the Yahoo Tech blogs: “…get your drivers ready before you install. Burn them all to a disc for future use. If searching the web manually or digging around in those awful vendor websites doesn’t really float your boat, check out RadarSync, which is offering a free, easy-to-browse clearinghouse for Vista drivers…..” The link for the page is

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