More Vista tips

The latest posts in my Hands On Vista series are now up. Here are the details:

Vista Hands On #7: Move user data to another drive

A few months ago, I explained how to manually move individual data folders to a new location. The advantage is that when you separate data folders from system files, it makes backups much easier and more efficient. Here’s an even easier way to move all your personal data to a new drive.

Vista Hands On #6: Remove private information from a file

An all-new option in Vista lets you strip out personal data from a file’s properties. I explain where to find it and what it does.

Vista Hands On #5: Edit boot menus and more

Boot.ini is gone. Long live the Boot Configuration Data store and its command-line editor, Bcdedit. What? You don’t like command-line editors? OK, here’s a free utility that lets you handle advanced BCD customization from a well-organized graphical interface.

One thought on “More Vista tips

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of #7 as S.O.P., but the one problem I have with that is something that’s actually a problem with Windows Backup — no way to designate a directory manually on a given drive. Otherwise I wind up backing up a great many other things that I don’t need to back up at all.

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