Get your Nvidia drivers for Vista

WHQL-certified Vista drivers for Nvidia GPUs (GeForce, GeForce Go, and TNT series) are out.

As of this morning, the main Nvidia download page points to older drivers (January 5). Here are the most recent versions:

Vista 64-bit ForceWare Release 100, version 100.65

Vista 32-bit ForceWare Release 100, version 100.65

Note that the main download locations are for English US versions only. If you’re in a different location, follow the International Driver links on each page.

Oh, and the servers are getting slammed (I’m getting a pitiful 5.23 KB/sec), so you might want to wait a little while before you begin your download. At least until I’m done.

Update: I’m now up to a whopping 8.28 KB/sec.

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3 thoughts on “Get your Nvidia drivers for Vista

  1. NVIDIA’s horrid earlier drivers for Vista made me switch back to an ATI card (that originally didn’t work well at all). Once ATI had final WHQL drivers for Vista, I installed them and have been having no trouble ever since.

  2. Better late than never. I do not know how the two largest video card manufacturers could have dropped the ball on this one so bad, especially nVidia.

  3. i don,t know how the largest vedio card nvidia drivers were not available ……..i can,t use my vista well

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