Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Essentials, Quick Start is now available

Well, it took a little longer than I expected, but the first installment of Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Essentials is now available at Amazon, in Kindle format, for $4.95 (£3.60 in the UK, I’m told).

The purpose of this volume is to cover the “need to know” stuff for Windows 8: Installing/upgrading, customizing, mastering the interface, and—most important—understanding it. (Start with “Eight Things You Need to Know About Windows 8.” If you know or suspect you’ll want to work mostly in the Windows desktop environment, you’ll want to read Chapter 7, especially the Survival Strategies for Desktop Diehards” section.)

You can preview the book, including the full table of contents, at Amazon.com, so I won’t repeat that here.

And you don’t need a Kindle device, either. Install the Windows 8 Kindle app (available here), sync the book from the cloud to your PC, and you can read it and try stuff for yourself as you read.

Right-click in the Kindle app and you can pin the book to your Start screen.

I’ve got two more installments, which will be done later this year.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Essentials, Quick Start is now available

  1. I don’t do Kindle. In any form. Will you have other formats? I thought you were publishing in ePub and PDF and other formats.

  2. Well, that did it. A couple of troll comments about your book in the David Pogue article has sent me directly here to make the purchase. I’m eminently comfortable with Windows 8 and have assisted 3 people who purchased new low-end Wal Mart laptops before Christmas learn how to navigate and use the OS. An 88 year-old internet friend LOVES Windows 8 and also plans on purchasing your books for her new 9″ Kindle Fire.

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