All your Windows 8 questions answered

My most popular posts at ZDNet in 2012 were, invariably, about Windows 8.

In fact, I continue to get emails every day asking questions about Windows 8 that I’ve covered in posts throughout the year.

So I decided to take the 10 questions I’m asked most often about Windows 8 and assemble the answers, along with links to articles that go into much greater depth on the topic.

Here’s the list:

Your top 10 Windows 8 questions of 2012, answered [Year in Review]

Page 1:

  • Is Windows 8 worth the upgrade?
  • What should I know before I begin installing Windows 8?
  • Where is the Start menu?
  • What’s the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro?
  • Are there any deals on upgrades?

Page 2:

  • Can I use Windows 8 in a virtual machine?
  • What happened to Media Center?
  • What’s the point of Windows RT?
  • Where can I find PCs with Windows 7?
  • How do I downgrade to Windows 7?

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