2 thoughts on “Why your office will never be completely paperless

  1. The reason for the increase in consumption of tissue paper is that consumers have been converting to softer, puffier toilet paper. This has had two environmentally negative effects. First, the average ply count has been increasing, so more tonnage is used per unit area. Second, the softer varieties can only be made with virgin fiber, so they have 0% recycled content.

    It has been great for the paper manufacturers, though, since they charge a high price premium on the softer tissues.

    At some point, the tissue paper market will saturate, and the average ply count will stabilize. Once that happens, you would expect it to grow basically with population, rather than the higher growth rates of the past. Indeed, it looks like this saturation point has already been reached, as tissue paper consumption has stabilized since 2005.

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