The Windows 8 logo in motion

Microsoft’s unveiling of the Windows 8 logo yesterday drew mixed reactions, based mostly on a single two-dimensional depiction.

Now, the company that designed the logo, Pentagram, has released more details about the design process:

New Work: Microsoft Windows 8

[Paula] Scher and her team created a complete system based on the idea of perspective. The designers completed motion studies to demonstrate the transformation of the flag shape into a window shape, to show that they weren’t that far apart and would be an easy and elegant transition for the brand. (Marks that fit into this perspective have been created for other Microsoft brands and programs, but have not yet been implemented.)

Here’s a video showing the animation:

Windows 8 Transparency from Pentagram on Vimeo.

Let’s see if the motion changes any minds.

2 thoughts on “The Windows 8 logo in motion

  1. I like how they explained in this blog post how they created it.
    yesterday there was this guy who thinks he is so an amazing designer that he thinks everyone has to work like him, so he “fixed” perspective of the logo, based on assumptions.
    Of course there was also ignorant people who doesn’t know about design but think it should work like they think so complained about alot of things about it based on silly things.

    so i liked how pentagram explained how it was made. and it looks good on the video, and since color is going to change we cant say much about it.
    but it looks good and it was made well made, yeah people think its simple bla bla, but its a logo, its not like it should be more, or it should be a flag which i always complained about since it didn’t make much sense, and whoever says its a wavey window, well… it doesnt look like that.

    so I like the new logo, and how it was made. maybe on actual Windows it will look better but thats something we should wait for, blog post on B8 or leaked images or consumer preview.

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