I was looking for an old post the other day and stumbled across some things I wrote in January 2008, after the editors of Gizmodo played a particularly mean-spirited and juvenile prank at CES, surreptitiously sabotaging a bunch of demos and display units with their own universal IR remotes.  What I said at the time was this: Gizmodo is about to learn the meaning of karma.

I thought maybe it had come to pass after the legal hassles that the Gizmodo gang has been subjected to since they "found" an iPhone 4G a couple months ago. But no, Karma had an even better plan. Apple, not surprisingly, has decided to ignore Gizmodo’s application for press passes to its Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week. As a result, Gizmodo is reduced to begging for help so that it can expand the definition of "liveblog" to include "events where we’re not actually present but are relying on people sending us stuff."

If you’re going to the keynote, and want to be a part of the exciting Apple coverage that so many of your fellow Gizmodo readers enjoy, here’s your chance.

We’ll be running our own liveblog with info from the event, supplemented from excellent liveblogs like those on GDGT, MacRumors, Ars Technica, Technologizer, Wired and Macworld.

What? No Engadget? I’m shocked.

Meanwhile, John Gruber at Daring Fireball says: "If Gizmodo’s editors were smart, they’d have purchased WWDC conference badges if they wanted to attend the keynote. But of course, that’s a big ‘if’."

One thought on “Karma

  1. I’m no fan of Gizmodo, but Apple is really acting badly in this case. Steve Jobs stated that he will follow “company morals” in prosecuting Giz, so what are these morals? Greed? Revenge? Those are not morals I’d be proud of. Apple lost nothing here. Nothing. There will be 2 loosers in this war. Both Gizmodo and Apple.

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