Support to end for Windows 2000, XP SP2

A detail worth noting from Microsoft’s just-published June 2010 Security Bulletin Advance Notification

[W]e remind Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 customers once again that all support for these platforms will end after July 13, 2010 – that is, next month. Customers should upgrade to either a supported operating system or the latest service pack in order to keep receiving necessary security updates.

Ten years is long enough for an OS. Thank you, Windows 2000, and goodbye. As for XP, if you must keep using it, it’s time to upgrade to Service Pack 3. It was released more than two years ago.

3 thoughts on “Support to end for Windows 2000, XP SP2

  1. July 13, 2010 is actually “patch Tuesday” for July.
    Any XP updates made on July 2010 and later WILL require XP SP3. Time for XP users who still have SP2 on there systems to update to SP3 as soon as possible.

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