I’m back

Did I forget to mention I would be on vacation for the past two weeks? Oops, sorry about that.

Our annual mid-winter trip out of the snow and into the warm tropics was pretty perfectly timed this year, achieving the desired re-energizing. Well, except for the bleariness after a redeye back from Honolulu with a two-hour layover at 5AM in an ice-cold LAX. The United agent at gate 80 inside the terminal was wearing a parka and thick gloves that he kept on even while collecting boarding passes.

Anyway, I’m back in my office, diving into a backlog of work including the long but ultimately satisfying slog of digging deep into Office 2010 and producing chapters for Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out. (Coming to a bookseller near you later this year.)

So if I’m still a little quieter than usual, that’s the reason. Of course, you could follow me on Twitter, where I post frequent updates, tips, and links to interesting stuff.

I’ve got some interesting little Windows 7 tips to post here as well, starting later today. And I might try some short Windows 7 Q&A posts here. Got a Windows 7 question? Leave it in the comments.

9 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Welcome back!

    I have a Win7 question, sort-of. Do you know if it’s documented anywhere, other than some unofficial blog comment replies and Wikipedia, that Windows 7’s Remote Desktop disables features like Aero Glass if the remote end isn’t Ultimate/Enterprise?

    This has annoyed me since there was (AFAIK) no up-front warning that those features wouldn’t work if I opted for Professional instead of Ultimate.

    The RDP client is also completely unhelpful in that the features simply don’t work, but it doesn’t tell you why or prevent you from trying to turn them on. I figured something was broken until I saw a chat-forum thread about the issue. 😦

    I think it also affects multi-monitor and bidirectional audio support in RDP, or something like that. Seems very tight of MS to disable these few features in one SKU (since RDP doesn’t even exist below Professional).

  2. Glad to have you back, Ed. I hope you enjoyed your respite from the working community. I look forward to some of your latest tips and critical thinking.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Ed:) Have missed your posts here!! Hope you enjoyed your holiday and looking forward to some rapid fire Windows 7 tips & advice which is always appreciated.

  4. Ed,

    Question on Windows 7: Can you confirm or deny whether the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is NOT included in Windows Home Premium?

    I cannot find it anywhere on my Dell running an AMD 64-bit CPU with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed.

    Paul Thurrott published a tip on his website earlier today on making a modification to the GPE in Windows to allow for conducting Internet searches right from the start menu.

    However, as far as I can tell, Microsoft only includes ‘gpedit.msc’ in the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows.

    What say you?

  5. could some shed some light on my problem-I have an ACER ASPIRE DESKTOP PRE INSTALLED WIN7 HOME PREMIUM OEM X64 – it is needing a complete clean re install, only thing is i dont have a windows 7 home premium OEM DVD- I only have a retail win7 dvd that I purchased a while ago for my partner- so is it possible to use the win 7 home premium DVD RETAIL to re install my ACER OEM?

    does it work by changing the ei.cfg file from – CHANNEL – RETAIL TO OEM?

    Or just by removing the ei.cfg file?

    would any of the above work and if not is there another way around this??


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