Can you stump Microsoft’s Windows experts?

Microsoft’s Channel 9 at MSDN is airing a pilot episode of a new show called Help Desk this week. It’s a live show with a call-in format. The host is Chris Pirillo, and he’s backed up by a "brain trust" of support superstars from Microsoft–two Senior Windows 7 Test Engineers and a Senior App Compat Engineer. The panel’s challenge is to troubleshoot viewers’ problems and solve them live, on the air.

Questions can come in via Twitter (@ch9live), or you can e-mail them to ch9live [at] microsoft [dot] com.

Put it on your calendar:

Good luck, Chris!

5 thoughts on “Can you stump Microsoft’s Windows experts?

  1. Chris Pirillo? Stumping him is easy, he’s the one that started the myth about Windows only using one CPU core during bootup unless you tell it otherwise in msconfig.

    It might not be polite of me to point out his blog is still pushing people to OSX over Windows too.

    An odd choice for someone representing himself as a “Windows expert”

  2. Well, I’m way too late for the show, but am desperate for help. Right now Win-7 Install on my I7 is running faster than XP 64 ever thought possible, but I see this isn’t going to last long because some MSLeader fell in love w/word “metaphor” – give up decades of dividing aps from data and other such wisdom that’ll frag a disk in 90 seconds, make it damn near impossible to pull the XP trick of relocating all those MY ____ from doc and settings by altering or adding shortcuts to files on a different drive (rad increase in overall search and removal speed too) just because someone decided “libraries” eliminated any need for or benefit from physical disk organization, even when u/ls and d/ls are Photoshop files of many 512Meg on disk layers and when ME USER tries to open some files for a look-see, get Denial of Access. I’ve gotten a coupla fixed by brute force and persistence, but I’d love to know if there were, somehow, buried, a real way to twiddle a few Registry bits to stop this madness before every C-drive fries. Also: has anyone gotten info on bits to twiddle in Reg, etc. to RESTORE missing XP and 2000 for Gate’s sake organizing features missing from this pup – along w/removal of that big white pain cluttering a good section of screen when Start menu sought? Desperate because MS is promising to find me an Otreamer “tech” w/all anwers for $49. Incidentally, those “GodMode misspellings aren’t bad from the company that gave us “graphical”, their new word for “graphic”, memos on “preventative maintenance” and some doc about how cool 7 is because it is “modularazied” (author apparently meant “modularized” itself a backformation from folks who couldn’t stand the simplicity of modulized, built along the concept of “object-oriented programming” by folks who thought “graphic” means “gory” or “sexual” rather than “dealing with images.”
    All advice welcome…
    just remember the last line when you don’t know if you’re reading a local Help file or spilling your (corporate?) secrets on Windows Live.
    Here is a Candle to Send You to Bed….

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