Got any Windows 7 questions for HP?

HP is doing something pretty smart this week, hosting a round-the-clock “Windows 7 Experts Day” on Thursday, November 5th, It starts at 12:01 am Eastern time and runs for 24 hours sraight.  The responders reportedly include more than 70 Windows 7 experts from HP, Microsoft and Symantec.

More information in this announcement on the HP forums. The event will be repeated (presumably live, with all new questions and answers) on November 19 and December 1.

I get lots of questions from readers about support for HP all-in-one printers and scanners, so this event should be especially good for you.

5 thoughts on “Got any Windows 7 questions for HP?

  1. (I’m johnbaxter on Twitter)

    My question would be about my Photosmart 2575 all in one printer. New freshly downloaded program and driver set from HP (appeared on or after Oct 22) recognizes that the printer is there but doesn’t finish some part of handshaking with it, leaving the printer unable to scan.

    I have a hunch this question is already in your queue from others.

    (Scanning is also broken in Snow Leopard, but that would be a separate discussion, probably.)

    1. Be sure to go there and ask, John! Just to be clear, I’m not one of the experts participating, and questions will only be answered in their online forums.

  2. Ask HP: What applications are you addons to each Windows 7 machine that you are shipping, and can you justify their inclusion?

  3. Why does HP’s All-in-One software promise so much but rarely, if ever, install and work the way it promises. This is true for XP, Vista and now Windows 7. Do they ever test the software installation on real machines or is that left to the poor suffering end user?

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