Daylight Saving Time

I dream of the day when all devices that have a clock also have a tiny radio connection that will automatically allow them to reset themselves for Daylight Saving Time. Meanwhile, I’m happy that my PCs do the job for me. Here’s what I saw when I clicked the clock in the Windows 7 taskbar a few minutes ago:

Daylight Saving Time


I also love having the multiple clocks in Windows 7 (a feature that was in Vista too). If you want to add a second or third clock so you can see at a glance what’s in a different time zone, click the Change Date And Time Settings link at the bottom of that dialog box and fill in the settings here:


You can select a time zone and give it a name of your choosing. I find this feature especially helpful on a notebook when I’m traveling. It’s also good if I’m working with partners in different time zones and I want to know whether it’s appropriate to call them.

Oh, and I finally got rid of the stupid Timex clock that was hard-wired to the old DST rules and thus had to be manually reset four times a year. Good riddance!

4 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. I dream of a day when governments stop forcing stupid time changes on us.

    When ‘daylight savings time’ was explained to an old Indian, he said: ‘Only the government would claim to cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and end up with a longer blanket.’”

  2. Ed,

    Ran into a problem with Windows 7 sound schemes. After clean install of Win7, installed MS MoneyPlus, WinPatrol, Logitech SetPoint among others. These programs have their own sound events. It appears these events only installed into my then current sound scheme “Landscape” (checked registry settings). When I changed to a new sound scheme, these sound events weren’t there (again double checked registry values). Looking at Google, I think this may be behind other sound problems I saw. Was curious if you saw this with any of your installs (couldn’t find this problem described this way with Google).


    1. Yes, I have heard of a similar issue. Like you say, hard to describe. But custom sound events apparently don’t get added globally, only to current scheme. So if you switch to a new built-in theme you lose them. Interesting design issue, probably not easy to solve.

  3. DST has troubled me a lot. I am in Pakistan and DST is observed rather irregularly and it takes Microsoft months to issue an update for it. I once downloaded a utility from Microsoft that allowed adding a custom time zone. It did add one to the list but whenever I tried to select it, it would give me an error that “an error has occurred” and “the changes could not be saved”. I suppose it was for Vista and XP and didn’t work on Seven.

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