Happy birthday, Windows!

Via Todd Bishop comes the reminder that “Monday marked 25 years since the unveiling of Windows 1.0.” As Todd notes, it took another couple years before the product actually shipped. And of course even the most rabid fanboi has to admit that it was roughly seven years (Windows 3.0 in 1990) before Windows was really worth using on a daily basis.

I know I have shrink-wrapped boxes of Windows 3.1 here, but I am pretty sure the earlier versions long ago disappeared from my garage.

Anyway, Happy birthday, Windows

One thought on “Happy birthday, Windows!

  1. My first was Windows 1.03 with the tiled layout. I had a Z158 with AboveBoard, additional HD on a PC Card, and Hercules Monitor (yellow). I upgraded the 8088 to a V20, but that was it. I managed to get all the way through Windows 2.10 with that thing.

    I didn’t get to Windows 3.11 on a P60 until after I had moved to California in the 90s, and then Windows 95 and the progression to where we are. It seems like a very long time, yet the pace of change was truly amazing.

    One regret – being in a shop that was beta-testing Windows 3.0 and not being smart enough to buy the stock before the product shipped.

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