What went on at PDC?

Last weekend I was part of a fun panel discussion where the main topic was what went on at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in LA. You can listen to me and fellow guests Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera as host Leo Laporte tries to keep things mostly on track (and mostly succeeds). We talk about Windows 7, Azure, and a few other developer-related topics.

Listen here: This Week in Technology, episode 167

Bonus media: a shot of me at a PDC press event, taken by Paul Thurrott:


An incredible likeness, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “What went on at PDC?

  1. Hey Guys

    Its sad that you hear reports online that Microsoft is abandoning Vista or running away from it as far as it can, a search on “Microsoft walks away from Vista” on Google brings up most tech sites that feel that Microsoft is now saying less about Vista.

    Apple has recently made TV ads that Microsoft is not working at improving Vista, most patches that Microsoft distributes on a monthly cycle updates are more for security and sadly for impoving perfomance, Microsoft seems to not be interested.

    Vista is a nice OS and sadly its not as responsive on perfomance like Vista, with a slower car, putting bits to make it quicker, that car can stand up to even faster or supercars.

    Now im stuck whether to return to XP or not, as i said i like Vista but if Microsoft is less coming out on Vista, i feel Vista will be like Windows Me which was left like an abandoned baby.

    People are still buying Vista nd most come pre-loaded on notebooks etc, but those people will find it hard as Vista is less reported, Microsoft wont even air Vista ads on their campaigns.

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