New drivers and software for UPEK fingerprint readers

If you have a notebook with an integrated TouchPrint fingerprint reader, or if you’ve purchased an add-on fingerprint reader for your desktop, new drivers and software are available from UPEK.

The 2.12 driver package works with Vista (and Server 2008) x86 and x64, as well as older Windows versions going back to Windows 2000.

You’ll also want to snag the latest Protector Suite QL release, version (The download page has a separate link for Toshiba users.) If you’re using a previous version of the fingerprint software that came from your OEM, read the instructions at the bottom of the download page, which explain how to remove the outdated OEM software and replace it with the new, improved suite. (If you have an HP notebook, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as the HP machines I’ve tested use a different hardware solution for their fingerprint readers.)

4 thoughts on “New drivers and software for UPEK fingerprint readers

  1. Just in case this happens to anyone else. The Suite download link doesn’t work for me in Opera 9.52 but does work fine on IE7 on same machine, can’t explain why though.

  2. Ed, I have a Toshiba Laptop with a UPEK Fingerprint Reader… I went to the page to download the latest Protector Suite but I found the Following Message:
    “Did you experience a problem with Protector Suite QL?

    Please contact UPEK technical support via web form and provide detailed description of the issue you have just encountered. UPEK engineer will contact you soon and help you with fixing the problem.”
    (I’m too lazy to contact support, prefer to look by myself)
    Obviously there is no link to download or the link to go to Toshiba and download the latest Software,,, bad luck for me don’t you think 😦 I’ll go to toshiba Support and try to find that software for me

  3. I’ve figured out what is happening with the download page. It is checking the refferer URL. So that means you need to copy and paste the link in to a new IE session to load the proper site. Also I’ve taken a look at the Toshiba version and it is significantly older than the other version while the only significant change is this:

    CHG: GUI modification – logo replacement
    CHG: Toshiba skin set by default

    So I recommend to anyone with Toshiba laptops to use the generic version, which I use and it works perfectly.

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