Ricavision takes the money and runs

Back in May, I documented the strange story of Ricavision, which was accepting applications from “beta testers” for its SideShow-enabled Media Center remote control, then charging them $349 plus shipping for the privilege. At the time, I called it “a case study in how not to treat customers.”

Now it looks like it might be even worse. Via Ian Dixon, I learn that Ricavision has folded its tent. The details are in this article by Julie Jacobson at CEPro:

Ricavision, a great hope in the Media Center space, appears to be out of business.

Phones are disconnected at the Irvine, Calif. headquarters of the PC maker, which was one of the most promising purveyors of Windows SideShow technology.

A former employee who answered his cell phone indicated that Ricavision was essentially gone.

Jacobson’s report includes details from two would-be testers who are out $350 and none too happy about it.

Ricavision’s website is still alive, but has not been updated since May. I just called the numbers on the Contact Us page and can confirm that they are indeed disconnected.

Every bit of contact I ever had with the folks who ran this company was suspicious, as I noted in that post earlier this year. It’s obvious now that the company was lying through its teeth just about every step of the way. Those who had their credit cards charged might have a stronger word to use.

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