Windows Home Server update available

Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server, which includes a fix for the rare but serious data corruption bug and also adds support for x64 Vista clients, is now available as a public beta.

Details at ZDNet:

Windows Home Server gets a big bug fix (and much more)

If you’re running Windows Home Server, trust me: you want this.

4 thoughts on “Windows Home Server update available

  1. Sure I want it… but why trust a beta release when the production didn’t work either? I’ll wait for the final version while my data resides on a USB hard drive.

  2. I’m still surprised that MS didn’t included x64 support in the initial release of WHS but I’m glad to hear that they have fixed this.

  3. Chad, I would invert that logic. Why should I trust a production release with a known serious bug when a newer version specifically developed to fix that bug is now available after several months of private testing?

  4. I’m NOT trusting the production release with a known bug…. all of my data is OFF of WHS on a USB HD.. All its used for right now is remote access and daily backups, things that do work (and work well) on the system.

    While I had no issues with data loss/corruption, I decided to wait for the final fix to be available.

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