Apple, what were you thinking?

Paul Thurrott points out the unfortunate resemblance between the logo for Microsoft’s worst Windows version ever and the logo for Apple’s soon-to-be-launched MobileMe service. “Exchange for the rest of us,” they call it, seriously:

As Paul notes, “With a logo like that, this thing can’t fail!”

I cannot wait for the snark to begin flying the first time MobileMe has a hiccup or a performance problem.

3 thoughts on “Apple, what were you thinking?

  1. I bet they were thinking it would be hilarious to use similar branding for a service that they think is easy, high quality, and strategic because it’ll frustrate Windows pundits like you and Thurott.

  2. That logo is just bad. How could apple not see that. that would put me off completely seeing as Win ME was so bad!

  3. I hate to defend apple, but I seriously doubt that many people remember the ME logo. I’m not sure I remember it after looking at it one page up.

    Then again, I don’t remember having any more problems with ME than any other 9x OS….and I ran them all.

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