Pre-order Windows Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition

Windows Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition will probably head off to the printer this week, and is now taking pre-orders for it. The deal is actually a very good one: You place the order and you get 5% off the current (discounted) price of $37.79. If the price changes between now and then, you get the lowest price. Your credit card isn’t charged until the book ships, presumably in June, and you can cancel any time.

Full disclosure: I get a commission from Amazon when you order through this link. I think this is an excellent deal, but if you can find a lower price somewhere else, I won’t be offended if you order from that source.

Update: I’ve mentioned this edition before, but I guess it’s unfair to expect people to sift through the archives to find those older posts, so here are some details about this update:

It includes about 300 pages more than the original edition. The main difference, of course, is that it incorporates full coverage of Service Pack 1. It also includes more than a year’s worth of details we’ve learned about Vista that we didn’t know in December 2006, with double the coverage of Windows Explorer and Search, as well as a greatly expanded chapter on performance. And it includes coverage of some advanced features that we left out of the first edition, like speech recognition, Tablet PC support, and Group Policy.

17 thoughts on “Pre-order Windows Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition

  1. This is one book that I would love to have on my shelf but for two distinct reason I’ll prpbably end up having to wait fot it to show up in some second-hand book bin.

    The first obvious reason is the price which I am sure is worth every cent of it but books like these just din’t in with our fixed income. The second is that Amazon allows no way to pay for books via PayPal so even if I had the money in there it would still be out of my range.

    Regardless though I still added it to my Amazon Wishlist along with the rest of my book window shopping 🙂 .. keep up the good work Ed

  2. I know. You can’t even order books on (owned by eBay) using Paypal (owned by eBay).

    I didn’t realize there was a law against paying cash or something for books. What gives with the world?

    I would like a Vista book, but I want it to focus on advanced material. I’ll check this one out on that parameter.

  3. I’m almost embarrassed to ask this since the answer is probably obvious but is this the edition that is updated for SP 1?

  4. Thanks Ed. Is there any news of an update for purchasers of the first edition? I would predict that the new edition will sell here at about $A70. I will let you know when I see it. As I have mentioned before, the price in $A is usually about twice the price in $US. Never mind that the $A 1 = $US 0.92 now!

  5. I was fortunate to have won the first edition in a drawing last year. I appreciate your work Ed and will be buying the updated edition when it comes out.

  6. I just found out that takes Paypal. and of course they sell books. I don’t know if they take pre-orders though.

  7. Just been waiting for the sp1 stuff to be included. My XP Deluxe is getting pretty worn & marked up. I hope to put this through the same use.

    Noticed a few remarks on price. This is an excellent deal, don’t you remember your college textbooks? How many other technical manuals this comprehensive go for such a low price?

    Just buy it.

  8. Hello Ed,

    I’m sure that this book is nice, but I don’t have much discretionary income.

    How about a CD version of the book with some nice (freeware) Tools?

    It would be more affordable.

    What do you think?


  9. An even better idea –

    Why not publish an electronic, downloadable version of the book in .PDF format and proivide a .ISO version of the companion CD?

    Would be even less expensive, plus you would save a tree. You can then give free updates online!


  10. Ed, I have just begun to read your column and it is very frank and down to the point. I’ve been with microcomputers since 1980 ( a Tandy TRS 80) so I believe I’m more or less knowledgable, but your article in Vista services told me that you are a no-nonsense person.
    That is why I’ll buy your book as soon as it appears in Amazon and although my cost will double that of american buyers (because i’ll bring it home – Lima Peru, by a courrier) I think it still is worth the inversion.
    I enjoy your writing.
    Best regards,
    René Gastelumendi

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