A new battery life record?

Sadly, I think this momentary display is probably inaccurate:


Sure enough, it displayed a mere 5 hours of estimated remaining battery life just a few seconds later. Which actually isn’t that bad, if it’s accurate.

4 thoughts on “A new battery life record?

  1. 5 hours of battery life is pretty darned good. What kind of laptop is it?

    I may have missed this, but were you ever able to fix the slow Vista performance on that Lenovo laptop that was similar to the one Mossberg used?

  2. Thanks for the link Ed. I guess I did see that post and just didn’t remember the details. This just goes to show you what a good idea it is to do a clean install. It’s also a place where Vista is often better than XP. Doing a clean install on newer hardware is usually better on Vista because it has drivers built-in where XP often doesn’t. I’ll be interested in reading the follow up article.

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