MediaSmart owners, take a survey

If you own an HP MediaSmart home server, HP wants you to take a survey, and they’ll give you 20 bucks in credit at for your time. (You must have a serial number to complete the survey, so don’t bother unless you actually own one.)

If you qualify, click here to start.

3 thoughts on “MediaSmart owners, take a survey

  1. So how long does it take before you get the $20 credit?

    I completed the survey and was taken to a final page that simply reads “Thank you for participating in this survey!” No credit was issued, and so far, I’ve not yet received anything via e-mail. Hmm…

    Thanks for the heads-up though.

  2. Ah… Thanks for the info.

    It would be nice if they told folks that on the last page of the survey instead of just leaving them hanging. Oy!

    Take care Ed and keep up the good work both here and over on ZDNet.

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