Why I don’t read Gizmodo

Their CES stunt was obnoxious and mean-spirited.

As a side note, my buddy Dwight Silverman saw a radio-controlled beer cooler at the CES Unveiled event on Saturday night before the show opened:

The guys from Gizmodo are sitting next to me in the press room, and I tipped them off to the RC Cooler. Their eyes gleamed madly at the word “beer”, and they leapt up and ran off to get video of it.

I suspect he would have gotten the same reaction from these children if he had told them someone at the other end of the hall was telling the best fart jokes ever.

4 thoughts on “Why I don’t read Gizmodo

  1. Whereas I don’t read them because every damn article they write links to 45 other Gizmodo posts but never, ever to the original source outside their site. If you make it impossible for me to get past your editorial summary and at the actual facts, well, Engadget’s right down the hall.

  2. One of the hyperlinks in your ZDNet blog post links to “thesource.ofallevil.com”. I believe that should be corrected to “www.microsoft.com”.

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