Friday’s uncensored jukebox: What tunes do you really like?

My head is aching and my throat is raw, thanks to CES flawlessly executing its mission to be a premier global vector of cold, flu, and general crud. So I feel like crap, and I want music to make me feel better. Over the years, I’ve invested a fair amount of effort into rating the music in my collection. It’s times like this I get to filter out the crap and just listen to stuff I’m sure I’ll like.

Play along if you feel like sharing. I first shared the original rules of the game (Your Jukebox, Uncensored) back in 2004 and figure it’s probably about time to repeat:

  1. Open up the music player on your computer.
  2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
  3. Turn on the “shuffle” option.
  4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty.
  5. Write it up in your blog or journal [or in the comments here] and link back to at least a couple of the other sites where you saw this.
  6. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurrences. You don’t have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten songs with five artists, you can if you’d like.

For this edition I chose only tracks I’ve rated at five stars, which means I’m unlikely to embarrass myself too much or make myself feel worse by listening to something I hate. It also means you’re likely to hear something I like as opposed to something I happen to own. If you’ve rated enough tracks in your collection for this to work for you, then I encourage you to try it.

  1. Tribute to Peador O’Donnell, Jerry Douglas, Transatlantic Sessions
  2. Johnny Too Bad, Steve Earle, Sidetracks
  3. Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd cover), Yonder Mountain String Band, Mountain Tracks, Vol. 2
  4. Weak One Now, Vigilantes of Love, Jugular
  5. Useless Desires, Patty Griffin, Impossible Dream
  6. If I Were You, Kasey Chambers, Live at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, 2003
  7. O Valencia!, The Decembrists, The Crane Wife
  8. Heard It On The X, Los Super Seven, Heard It On The X
  9. Medicine Hat, Son Volt, Live on NPR 2005
  10. John Saw That Number, Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

And a special bonus track in hopes of exorcising this miserable virus:

11. Saint James Infirmary, Van Morrison, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

15 thoughts on “Friday’s uncensored jukebox: What tunes do you really like?

  1. Ed, we have similar tastes in music. Every time you post one of these lists, I own about half of the albums listed. Neko Case and Patty Griffin are two of my favorites. I guess someday I’ll have to make a list of my own…

  2. Dang, I haven’t reviewed my collection to confirm or change ratings. So I used my defaulted 4’s, because there’s more selection.

    Lots of fun tracking down St. James Infirmary though. Interesting how the lyrics are modified for different times.

    Oh, and I put up a feel-better video for you. It just crossed my e-mail today. The curative powers of that boojie woojie …

    [Edited to fix hyperlink – EB]

  3. Here goes nothing……………

    Yellow Dog – Seasick Steve (Dog House Music)
    She Smiled Sweetly – Billy Bragg (Unknown)
    Police On My Back – The Clash (Sandanista)
    Spread Your Love – BRMC (BRMC)
    Banned From The Roxy – Crass (The Feeding Of The 5000)
    Tupelo Honey – Dusty Springfield (Unknown)
    In Your Honour – Foo Fighters (In Your Honour)
    Chain Of Flowers – Grinderman (Grinderman)
    Death Disco – Public Image Limited (Best Of PIL)
    Anyone Can Play Guitar – Radiohead (Pablo Honey)

  4. My stuff is pretty mundane, compared to yours.

    Godsmack – Get Up, Get Out!
    Hum – I’d Like Your Hair Long
    Cream – Wrapping Paper
    Pablo Cruise – Can’t You Hear The Music
    The Beatles – I’ve Just Seen a Face
    Genya Ravan – I’m In The Mood For Love
    The Brecker Brothers – I Love Wastin’ Time With You
    Cold Blood – I Just Want To Make Love To You
    Dream Theatre – Strange Deja Vu
    Spirit – Animal Zoo

    Bonus Track
    11. Johnny Winter – Illustrated Man

  5. Try a Screw to Get Through – The Tiger (from Calypsos From Trinidad: Politics, Intrigue and Violence in the 1930’s)
    Watch Out – Vangelis
    Johnny Bratton [Take 4][#] – Miles Davis
    All I Want Is You – U2
    Blow – Perennial Divide
    For What You Dream Of [Full On Renaissance Mix] – Bedrock (from the Trainspotting soundtrack)
    Lashtal – Current 93
    Zipang – The Golden Castle (from the soundtrack to the film ZIPANG)
    Nine While Nine – The Sisters of Mercy
    Schism – Tool


    夢想ヶ谷: 平沢進 (妄想代理人 オリジナルサウンドトラック)

    If anyone here knows what that is, I’ll be really shocked.

  6. This is a totally random sample – no ratings involved…

    Maybelline – Chuck Berry
    My Best Friend – Weezer
    Sexy Sadie – The Beatles
    Be My Baby – Ronettes
    M62 Song – Doves
    Stranger Things Have Happened – Foo Fighters
    Asmodius Arise – Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses
    Walken – Wilco
    Johnny B Good – Chuck Berry
    Friends Like Mine – The Donnas

  7. Well, I did my list and also dug into St. James Infirmary too. I added a different bonus for your recuperation.

    I’d give you the URL but it puts my comment in your spam queue, but it is the latest post at my given URL until I document my experience in Nikon School, and other adventures.

  8. I hope Greek music counts…

    Presented as song – artist – album

    Svise ti floga – Glykeria – Harama 2001
    Eho anangi na vgo – Vasilis Karras – Tilefonise mou
    Destruction of Alderaan – John Williams – Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack
    The White Rider – Howard Shore – LOTR: Two Towers Soundtrack
    Afto pou legete Ellas – Glykeria – Isos ftaine ta tragoudia #3
    Geia sou, tsolia mou – Anna Hrisafi – Best of Tsitsanis
    Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis – Jerry Lee’s Greatest
    Ximeroni – Antonis Remos – Pali ap’ tin arhi
    Oneiro apatilo – Stamatis Kokotas – Hrisi diskothiki 1967
    Eikones – Notis Sfakianakis – Polyhroma & Entona

    And bonus

    O harakas – Stratos Dionysiou – Ego o xenos

  9. Ron, I’m a huge fan of Jerry Douglas and have seen him both with his own band and with Union Station. Great stuff on both scores, although if I were forced to choose I would take his solo stuff…

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