Meet-up in Chicago, anyone?

OK, my travel schedule is finally set, and it looks like I’ll have the evening free in Chicago this Thursday, November 8. So. anyone up for a geek dinner? I’m staying at an airport hotel (not my choice) but will gladly come into town for pizza and conversation.

DW, hope you’re free that evening…

2 thoughts on “Meet-up in Chicago, anyone?

  1. Hi Ed
    I love your blog
    I found your Prefetch article on google, very interesting read
    You send me strait on that topic

    Im trying to find my way around to see what else you offer
    but you don’t seem to have any navigation or categories.
    I see your using wordpress. It has the ablitly to have multiple categories and maybe an addon for top & new posts.
    That might help you navigate your blog better..

    But for now ill search or look page by page.


    Im lost..


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