8 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. Actually, I think that the whole Wow campaign has been really bad. More over, even the “Vista” name was a mistake in my opinion. Marketing people insist on making Window look not serious. And finally, all the flavors of Vista are just silly and make sense only for stereotypical roles, which lots of people don’t fall into. For example, I’d rather have a remote desktop server in my PC than a media center, which I never use. An no, I don’t need any “ultimate” stuff, in which I pay for things I don’t need.

    I think that Windows NT 6 is excellent. But the “Vista” marketing dressing around it is not.

  2. Microsoft hasn’t been able to come up with an interesting ad campaign in a long time. The Microsoft Office 2007 ads were a total disaster (and insulted the user, to boot); the Vista ads are largely flavorless and unmemorable.

    At least the Windows 95 “Start Me Up” ads stuck in your head and had some sass to them; I even liked the “Heroes” ad. Maybe they should have licensed The Who’s “I Can See For Miles”…

  3. Ya’ll really need to hear and feel the Vista WOW eXPerience!
    [audio src="http://www.microsoft.com/india/vistasongs/WoW%20is%20Now%20-%20full%20song.mp3" /]

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