The wind is howling, and the snow is blowing sideways at the moment. None of is is actually sticking to the ground, and this cold front looks like it will pass quickly. But still…

Those of you in Florida and Arizona may now commence gloating.

12 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrrr

  1. 83 in Sarasota, it rained last night, we are 50 miles south of Tampa. Just a little cloudy… Thoough you will be in the 70’s by Wednesday according to your graphic!


  2. Unseasonably warm 77 in NJ today. I would be more than happy to have some sub 40 degree weather.

  3. The folks in the lower elevations may gloat but, here in the higher parts of Arizona, we got that strong, icy north wind that’s cold enough to inflict an unthinkable injury upon a metal monkey.

  4. Is that a special Vista weather gadget? It looks way better than the default one as it has some forcasting too. I tried looking for it but didn’t find anything. Any pointers?

  5. That’s the standard Vista sidebar gadget AFTER you drag it off the sidebar. The tiny implementation in the sidebar is just lame. drag it to the desktop and it opens right up.

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