You’re invited to a free virtual seminar on Windows Vista

The good folks at Books24x7 are putting on a series of online seminars under the Windows Vista Essentials label. Later this week, I’ll be sitting down with my Windows Vista Inside Out sidekick, Carl Siechert, to host a 45-minute presentation on how to make the transition from XP to Vista without going insane.

We’ve put together a pretty good presentation that should work for IT professionals and power users alike.  It doesn’t cost a dime, and we’d love to have you in the audience.

Details are here (or just click the image below). You’ll need a Java-enabled browser, and if you call in to the toll-free number you can ask us questions.

register and enter the drawing for a free book

To sweeten the deal, I’ve got two copies of Windows Vista Inside Out ready to sign and give away to people who respond to this post. I’ll have a drawing after the seminar: to get your name in the hat, register for the seminar and post a comment here. I’ll draw two names from the list of seminar attendees.

26 thoughts on “You’re invited to a free virtual seminar on Windows Vista

  1. I want to attend but I’m from the Philippines and this means that I’ll have to be awake at 3 AM local time… Hope you post your presentation on this site for downloading.

  2. I’m interested but I’ll have to pass. The sign-up form requires more information than I care to give. I’m simply letting you know for purposes of feedback.

    I’ve regretted joining similar offers in recent months, owing to intrusive phone calls. I also don’t feel it’s proper to skirt their intention by supplying phony information on their form.

    I enjoy your site and I’ll be checking periodically. Keep up the great work.

  3. Dan,

    I just registered for the webinar using the standard form. I entered my real name, my real city/state/zip, and an e-mail address that I created for this purpose (you could use a webmail address). In all the form fields that asked for identifiable information (including phone number), I simply wrote “Decline to state.”

    I honestly don’t think you’re being fair here.

  4. I filled out the form and used N/A for the fields I did not want to disclose.

    Looking forward to the talk.

  5. I look forward to it. I told Carl I’ll be asking questions about how to make Vista look like DOS 6.22.

  6. I have just registered, and I look forward to seeing the presentation. I have already moved on from XP til Vista (very early adopter), but it will be interesting to hear/see your point of view.

  7. “Bill J says: I look forward to it. I told Carl I’ll be asking questions about how to make Vista look like DOS 6.22.”

    LOL Heaven forbid!

    I’ve registered.

    Now if you could only get some of the hardware manufacturers to attend so they get off the fence and release Vista drivers, I’d be real happy. I’ve been running Vista since it’s release and that is my biggest frustration.

  8. I’m going to register and then listen and watch. I’ve been on and off the Vista bandwagon for the past year. Maybe this seminar will help me stay on for a while and learn some more things. (learning is a rather slow process for me-have to keep at it till the new ideas stick…)

  9. Well, I give up. On the registration browser check, I got an error message saying I needed to install Flash. (and I so truly do HATE flash and the jumpy ads it pushes at me)

    After four attempts, Flash will still not run. SO….I’m not going to be able to watch the presentation. This is on Vista, and IE7.

    What’s even worse….I’ve got the Flash in my machine now. Sort of like getting a STD as far as I’m concerned!!!

  10. Ed, it was kind of you to point me to the Flash uninstaller. Sorry to miss out on the presentation due to Flash installation troubles…

  11. Looking forward to the presentation. I’ve been testing Vista and so far I can’t recommend it for the company. There are STILL (can you believe it?!) too many critical applications that won’t run properly on Vista. Our recent hardware purchase included XP instead of Windows Me2… ooh, excuse me, I meant Vista.

  12. Hi! I’ve debated about Vista and look forward to a good discussion about the ramping up I may have to do if I take the leap! Thanks! Here’s hoping I win an autographed book! What a treat that’d be! I’m off to register!

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