Why does this make me think of Bill Buckner?

Yes, it’s early in the month, but I think it’s safe to declare a winner of the September Error Message of the Month competition and let the other contenders wait till October:


(Courtesy of the programmers who are building the new version of Yahoo Music. In all fairness, they have labeled this a beta, so a bug or two should come as no surprise. And apparently this is a JScript .NET error specific to Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/.NET Framework 1.1. But still…) 

8 thoughts on “Why does this make me think of Bill Buckner?

  1. Actually, I was reminded of the old-time Mac “Sorry, an error occurred” dialogs — no information, no chance to fix anything, just that.

  2. That looks like a message a programmer writes when he’s running on Red Bull after an all nighter.

  3. OT sort of,

    How come I just got a OfficeXP servicepack when I don’t even have an MS office product ?

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