Have you filled out my survey yet?

Update 2-July: Survey is now closed. Thanks, everyone! 

I’m getting ready to close the survey, so here’s your last chance to help me out (and maybe win a free book) by taking a few minutes to answer some questions:

Besides the standard demographic questions, you’ll find five questions that are specific to this site. Those results will help me determine what you want me to write about.

As an incentive, I’ve got five copies of Windows Vista Inside Out or Windows XP Inside Out (retail value $35 or more) to give away to a randomly selected group of respondents. To qualify for that drawing, leave your (real) e-mail address in the box next to Question 19. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, just leave that box blank.

Thanks for your help.

4 thoughts on “Have you filled out my survey yet?

  1. I started to fill out the survey, but stopped when I couldn’t answer question 13 (no “Other” option).

  2. Bill, just choose Retail/wholesale (tech or non-tech) for that.

    I iwsh I could add an Other category, but I can’t do this.

  3. But, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, if I lie on one question now do you know I’m not lying on any of the others?

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