ATI All-in-Wonder users, please check in here

Ian Easson left this comment on my earlier post about the availability of new ATI video drivers:

I was looking forward to this release, because they finally supported the ATI All-in-Wonder properly, so that you can use the video watching and recording capabilities in Vista. Unfortunately, as soon as I installed 7.6, IE 7 slowed down to a crawl. I mean it took minutes for a menu to pop up! I uninstalled 7.6, and everything is back to normal in IE7. Here’s hoping they will fix things in 7.7.

I had not noticed that the AIW support was baked into this release (I don’t have an AIW, so it wasn’t on my radar). If you’ve got an All-in-Wonder, have you tried this driver? Are you also experiencing this problem? If so, please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “ATI All-in-Wonder users, please check in here

  1. I’ve had the AIW Rage 128 AGP since ’99, bundled with a PIII 500 MHz on a SuperMicro P6SBU motherboard. It worked OK under W98se, but when I upgraded to XP Home, I lost the TV tuner and Video editor functions. Installing the 6.13.3279.0 driver didn’t help after the XP upgrade, unless there’s a hidden trick to it somewhere.

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