Swatting “COM Surrogate” errors

If you use Windows Vista, you might have seen an odd error message informing you that “COM Surrogate has stopped working.” There are multiple causes for this error, but in my case and that of at least one other person I spoke with this week, the solution is as simple as upgrading Nero 7 (as of today, the current build is You can download the update, but I was impressed by Nero’s self-updating module. Open the Nero StartSmart program and choose Nero Product Setup from the top of the Tools group. The Update tab is the first one in the Product Setup window.

Not using Nero? Have you installed the DivX software program? Same problem, and again the solution is as simple as updating the software to the latest version.

If neither of those programs is the culprit, read the longer list of possible solutions put together by the How-To Geek. (And if you haven’t seen the Geek’s site, go and visit. You’ll find some crisp writing and relevant stuff, like this collection of Windows Vista How-Tos.)

7 thoughts on “Swatting “COM Surrogate” errors

  1. The ‘COM Surrogate’ is just a worker process used for hosting third-party plugins. If it crashes, it’s a problem with the plugin. Unfortunately, because there are so many different plugins that use this worker process, you’ll get a lot of false positives when searching for a solution.

  2. Yes, indeed. But apparently the issue is especially prevalent with Nero and DivX, both of which are pretty popular.

  3. I used to be a major Nero fan, but I actually quit before version 7 dropped. I’m now using ImgBurn (free, no bloat), but I’ll pass this along to some folks who do still use Nero.

  4. Thanks for the link!

    The COM Surrogate error is one of the most common errors for Vista. Literally thousands of people are looking for a solution to that every day.

    It’s almost always multimedia drivers that cause the problem.

  5. I found a way to get rid of com surrogat.It seems it is a Nero problem.To make it work you have to go: C/ – program files – common files – ahead – dsfilter and rename this two archives:




    At least its working to me.


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