Error message of the year (so far)

This is truly one of the best error messages I’ve ever seen:


My favorite part is the second exclamation point, which really lets me know that this is an important message.

It should come as no surprise that the driver in question is unsigned and very, very flaky.

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4 thoughts on “Error message of the year (so far)

  1. This was for a USB-based HDTV tuner from a Chinese manufacturer. It actually does use a small adapter, which has a USB plug at one end and accepts a coaxial antenna connector at the other. By the “somewhat generalized” definition of dongle at Wikipedia, this is an acceptable usage. However, I still have no idea what they mean by “unplug-in”!

  2. Well, we did have “the uncola” (7-up) … so many the “un-plugin” is a kind of plug-in that’s so snazzy they just can’t call it a plug-in!

    …maybe it’s made by Apple?

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