Having a wonderful time, etc.

Still on vacation. We’ve spent the last week in Central Italy, and we’re off to Lucca (northern Tuscany) for four nights tomorrow. We then go to Rome for a couple nights and fly home from there a week from today.

Regular posting will resume sometime after May 27. Meanwhile, if anyone has any questions about Italy, ask them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Having a wonderful time, etc.

  1. How are you getting your Internet access? Are you using the computers in Internet cafes, or are you able to get wireless access somehow?

  2. Jim, every place we’ve stayed has wireless access, mostly free. I’m very grateful not to have to go to Internet cafes, where I’m unwilling to enter even the most casual of passwords.

  3. That’s good to know. My family and friends really enjoyed when I blogged a recent trip to Japan (mostly posting pictures). I’m hoping to do the same thing when my wife and I go to Italy in a few months. It’s nice to know that might be an option.

    Maybe you should change your tagline – “Ed Bott: Useful Advice on Windows, Media Center, and Italy”

  4. Lucca is brilliant. Just don’t try to drive in the old part of town… Very narrow streets. Will you go to Pisa when you’re Tuscany as well. (Less than an hour drive from Lucca, if I remember correctly.)

  5. Ed, while you’re over there I need a part for a 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6. Can you help a guy out? ; )

    Enjoy Italy!

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