Wild about Harry

Score one for editorial independence:

In a surprise reversal, IDG management removed Colin Crawford as PC World’s CEO and reinstated Harry McCracken as Editor in Chief…

An excellent outcome to an otherwise ugly story.

And props to my old PC Computing compadre Dylan Tweney, who is now editing the Epicenter blog at Wired News and doing a first-rate job of it. They’ve been out front on this story from Day One.

6 thoughts on “Wild about Harry

  1. Have to admit, that’s the first time in my 45 years I’ve ever seen something like this happen. I’m pleasantly stunned. The good guy won… once.

  2. fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you….

    great news about harry and pc world. I was getting ready for the call, telling me my pcw column had been killed (since crawford had already fired the art director and a senior editor, I figured the purge had only just started). with harry back at the helm the mag is still in good hands for a while.

    and, really, this was the only way they could regain their credibility.

    still… pcw has got to make some big changes, and harry is now in the spotlight. uncle pat isn’t known for his patience. should be interesting times.

    hope you’re having a lovely vacation.


  3. I read both the good Apple & bad Apple articles and all I can say is that you (journalist) must take this stuff all too seriously. Lighten up! Having said that I must admit I had a little smile on my face when I learned that McCracken was back on the job.

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