This site’s browser stats, updated

It’s been almost exactly six months since I checked the numbers. Here’s the latest report from this site, courtesy of SiteMeter:


Browser shares are statistically unchanged in the past year. The Firefox/Mozilla share is at 35.3%, up a point from its 34.2% total last September and back to its 35.2% share from a year ago.

IE is also stuck at the same level: 61% today, down a half-point from September and up a point from its 60% share a year ago.

Opera, at less than 2%, hasn’t made any inroads, and the number of visitors to this Windows-focused site using Safari is predictably small.

The one noteworthy trend I see is in upgrades. Firefox has done a better job of encouraging its user base to upgrade to version 2.0. Roughly 16% of the Firefox users who show up here are still using version 1.x, whereas 35% of IE users have resisted attempts to upgrade to IE7.

(And yes, I realize that browser strings can be tweaked, but I’m pretty confident that the overwhelming majority of entries in this database reflect the true underlying browser.)

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3 thoughts on “This site’s browser stats, updated

  1. I find it amazing that people are still using Netscape 3 – that was obsolete a decade ago!

  2. Anthony, that Netscape tick must be the guy who never upgraded his computer. He’s the guy in every software forum screaming: “How come your app doesn’t run on DR DOS!”

    I love these browser stats. I split time between IE7 and Opera, and have customized Opera to run very much like IE7. It’s interesting to me that IE7 seems to have stalled Firefox’s encroachment for now.

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