A good deal on Windows Vista Inside Out

I just stopped by Amazon and noticed that Windows Vista Inside Out is now on sale for 40% off its list price: $29.99 with free shipping. That’s $3.00 less than it’s been selling for recently.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy your own copy, here it is.

One thought on “A good deal on Windows Vista Inside Out

  1. Hey, thanks for the tip. Just bought and sent a copy tonight to a nephew who just ordered a new system. For anyone familiar with the XP Inside Out book, this Vista volume is needed even more. Not only does it provide nice little historical references throughout the text (e.g., what something was formerly named), but Vista Inside Out will prevent that new OS frustration from the start.

    The information in Chapter 26 alone — Editing the Registry — is worth the price of the book. Moreover, Ed and Carl provide enough info and background material to keep you from wasting time on spurious utility software that either won’t work or will just waste your money. This is an odd recommendation, but if you’re not using Vista yet, get this book and read it first! It’s structure is familiar, the writing is clear and concise, and you’ll know Vista as you install it, rather than scratching your head. You’ll spend $130-$400 on the OS; why not spend $30 on the best book out there? (I have eight different Vista books, and trust me, Vista Inside Out is the go-to reference.)

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