A puzzling anti-counterfeiting check

Recently I bought a case from Dell for my Latitude 10 tablet (a very nice little device, by the way).

As I was throwing out the little bits of paper that came with it, I stopped at one that had a small holographic sticker affixed to the top of it with a scratch-off label, like a lottery ticket.

The paper included instructions (in 12 languages) telling me to “scratch out the coating to get the security code” and then go to www.t3315.com and input the code.

OK, I’ll play along.

All righty, then.

I think that’s Dell’s way of telling me to step away from the computer and enjoy the holiday weekend.

One thought on “A puzzling anti-counterfeiting check

  1. Looks like a bad case of “Egrish”, and a simple anti-copy from the OEM on the maker of the bag. I’m sure that computer bags suffer similar rip-offs as do fashion clothing. Fun stuff.

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