“iTunes is the best Windows app ever written”

Of all the things Steve Jobs ever said, this one has to be the most mind-boggling.

That was 2003. We’ve had 10 years to realize just how horribly, awfully wrong that statement was.

Even more comedy gold in that vintage article:

During his presentation, Jobs used Apple’s IChat instant messaging to talk with celebrities around the world, including Mick Jagger, Dr. Dre, and Bono–who drew the largest reaction from the crowd.

“It is a very cool thing for musicians and music,” Bono said in a video. “I want you to know that we appreciate it. Making Apple a crossroads for all kinds of artistic endeavors. That’s why I’m here to kiss the corporate ass. I don’t kiss everybody’s.”

Also, it was a BFD that Apple was partnering with … wait for it … AOL and Pepsi.

3 thoughts on ““iTunes is the best Windows app ever written”

  1. Something almost came up after reading that headline… But, I guess to Steve it was the best he ever wrote. At least in terms of making him dirty rich.

  2. For a time I was telling clients that if they had iTunes installed, I would no longer support their systems. Seriously. Some of the stuff iTunes did with networking with their “bonjour” service could be maddening, and the app often did not play well at all with certain versions of MS Outlook. I basically came to regard iTunes as a piece of malware and could see no way to justify the additional time and expense trying to solve issues on client systems without adding additional charges to our existing contract to cover trying to support their “voluntarily hosed by iTunes” systems. IMHO, iTunes for Windows is the worst bit of Windows software from a major vendor I’ve ever seen.

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